We are Taller. Together.

We’re creating the world’s most effective and equitable workforce platform, helping businesses grow and thrive while democratizing careers and changing lives.

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Companies Logos List
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AI should unleash human potential, not restrict it.

Together with our clients, partners, and Talent Collective, we’re creating a world where AI connects the right people with the right jobs, no matter where they sit.

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We’re building AI tools to take your time back.

We’re eliminating hours of mundane, inefficient recruitment and job search tasks, so companies and talent can focus on the human – and see a positive impact on their bottom line.

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AI is taking your job? Well, we're taking it back. We're harnessing this transformational technology to unlock the vast untapped potential of the new digital workforce, so companies and talent can expand their opportunities and thrive.


2,500+ engineers deployed
from 25+ countries

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At Taller, we love high performers, but we believe in the power of the team. We know that a diverse group of brilliant minds focused on a common goal can achieve anything. Let us prove it to you.


We are a band of industry veterans passionate about data science, technology, workforce innovation, and teamwork. We are united by our mission to use AI to bring out the best in people, unlock potential, and change lives.

Christophe Kolb Picture

Christophe Kolb, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer
New York, USALinkedin
Annie Rodriguez Picture

Annie Rodriguez

Chief Operating Officer
San Francisco, USALinkedin
Maximiliano Armesto Picture

Maximiliano Armesto

Chief Technology Officer
New York, USALinkedin
Maria Meadows Picture

Maria Meadows

Chief Revenue Officer
Washington, D.C., USALinkedin
Colette Sandstedt Picture

Colette Sandstedt

Chief Marketing Officer
Los Angeles, USALinkedin
Adrian Robles Picture

Adrian Robles

Vice President, Customer Success
Córdoba, ArgentinaLinkedin
Eric Marcinkus Picture

Eric Marcinkus

Vice President, Partner Solutions
Chicago, USALinkedin
Jan Rosen Picture

Jan Rosen

Vice President, Product
Los Altos, USALinkedin
Martin Gonella Picture

Martin Gonella

Vice President, Engineering
Córdoba, ArgentinaLinkedin

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