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Nearshore Centers of Tech Excellence

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For IT companies looking to expand their operations and scale up teams in a flexible, cost-effective way, nearshoring continues to be a popular strategy. Leveraging nearshore software development talent has proven beneficial for many organizations, particularly those seeking to augment their teams or support specific projects.

But getting started with nearshoring also raises questions: which regions are best for sourcing nearshore talent? Which nearshoring solutions companies are reputable? What's the first step to take when getting started with nearshoring?

In this article, we'll explore the regions that boast some of the strongest nearshore talent resources, with a focus on countries in Latin America (LATAM). We'll also dive into what you should look for in a nearshoring solutions company and how to get started with your nearshoring strategy.

Best countries for nearshoring

When it comes to serving the needs of technology companies based in North America, several Latin American countries are well-suited to providing talent. Some of LATAM’s strongest markets for nearshore talent are Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.

In these countries, nearshoring has become a common practice. This is partially due to similar working styles and cultural affinity with North America. These regions also offer significant time-zone overlap with the U.S., leading to real-time collaboration and shorter project timelines. Combined with high levels of English language proficiency, sourcing talent from these areas leads to smoother communication, increased productivity, and greater outcomes.

In addition, widespread internet availability and the growth of flourishing tech hubs make these LATAM regions attractive options. Many higher education institutions have also invested in IT and software development programs and built out talent pipelines, ensuring a consistent flow of skilled tech workers available for hire.

How to evaluate a nearshoring services partner

Nearshoring services and solutions companies are well-versed in the process of sourcing talent for IT and nearshore software development projects. That being said, they're not all the same: some companies are new to the sector, while others have an established presence in the market.

Companies with years or decades of experience in nearshoring are often the best bet for businesses just getting started with a nearshore strategy. This is because established players:

  • Understand the nuances of doing business in countries and regional markets amenable to nearshoring.
  • Have developed long-term, trusting relationships with talent and can consistently source skilled candidates.
  • Are well-versed in the regulatory and cultural climates of targeted regions, helping companies avoid roadblocks or hiring issues.
  • Offer tools and technologies that streamline the hiring process and ensure that candidates truly match a company’s culture and needs.
  • Have proven high retention rates and practices that minimize dropoff or attrition.
  • What does a good nearshore partner do?

    The great thing about strong nearshore partners is they are established in, and familiar with, the markets where talent is available. However, a good nearshore partner will do more than simply connect you with talent.

    Finding a suitable nearshore hire is just the first step in the process. No matter where in the world they are located, new hires must be onboarded: laptops and other IT equipment must be securely delivered, reference checks must be performed, and compliance rules must be met by the hiring organization.

    A good nearshore partner will often assist in these areas, acting as a true collaborator in the process of bringing your new team members into the business.

    Once your team is in place, some nearshore partners offer ongoing services and support, taking time-intensive tasks off your hands. This may include performing HR functions such as handling vacation requests or sick leave, conducting talent performance reviews, and scheduling regular client check-ins to make sure your team is functioning smoothly.

    Getting started with nearshoring

    When it comes to sourcing nearshore talent, the most important first step is to do your research. Rather than simply clicking on the first search result for a nearshore services company, take the time to read up on multiple providers. Find out which ones have strong reputations in the field and seek out client and talent reviews of the company.

    Other considerations include the size of the team you're looking to assemble and how long you intend to engage the IT workers you're hiring. Finally, consider which countries have the greatest time-zone overlap with your in-house team to enjoy the benefits of collaborating in real time.

    Once you have a clear vision of what you're looking for, a list of possible nearshoring services companies to work with, and a good understanding of the regions you're targeting, you’re ready to get started on your nearshore journey.

    Are you looking to get started with nearshore hiring? Taller Technologies is a leader in the field with an established presence in top countries for nearshoring. Contact us today to learn more about our services and solutions.

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