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One of the largest fintech companies in the world

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Our customer’s internal IT team implemented Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform, to enable real-time data processing and analytics. But the team was already overloaded with business-critical projects, and was struggling to manage the company’s network infrastructure, which included multiple data centers and thousands of network devices. They needed additional resources – a dedicated senior team capable of managing this complex and high-availability environment before it impacted uptime and customer experience.


The client reached out to Taller, and we placed six infrastructure engineers in 14 days, from job opening to productive start, filling senior-level positions at highly competitive rates. The Taller engineers configured custom Kafka connectors and enhanced the existing Kafka Consumer to enable more efficient data processing and better analytics, allowing the internal team to focus on its top priorities. The team also deployed advanced network monitoring tools and implemented custom alerts and dashboards to facilitate proactive issue identification and resolution.


  • 30% reduction in network downtime
  • 20% increase in data processing and analytics capabilities
  • 10% improvement in customer satisfaction


The Taller team is still in place and is independently managing this key technology initiative on behalf of the client.